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Environmental Law


At Ernesto Velarde Danache, Inc., our attorneys have experience in providing legal support to our clients on environmental legal issues.

Recently Mexico has adopted a modern system of environmental regulation which must be taken into account when a company has the intention of setting up operations in Mexico.

We are expert in offering the following services in this area:

  • Environmental Audits and Due Diligence
  • Allocation of Environmental Risk

    At Ernesto Velarde-Danache, Inc., our environmental lawyers have the knowledge and skills to provide Environmental Audits in order to comply with the norms issued by the corresponding Mexican Environmental authorities.

    We also provide due diligence assessments to our clients, generally before a land or business purchase, where identifying risks can have a major influence on price and land suitability.

    Our attorneys maintain a comprehensive knowledge of the Mexican Environmental Laws, approvals and potential environmental impacts as well as liabilities required in today’s regulatory climate to ensure all risks are identified.

    A Purchase and Sale Agreement or a Lease Agreement for the premises to be used by the Maquiladora needs to be drafted, negotiated and executed. If you are going to purchase land in Mexico, we recommend conducting a due diligence study to ensure that the property is in good standing. Afterwards, the corresponding agreements (Land Purchase and Sale, Construction and so on) will have to be prepared, negotiated and executed; we may assist on these matters.


    We are experts in obtaining the approvals from the corresponding environmental authorities. Mexican Maquiladoras must submit an environmental preventive report which basically is a detailed report about the operation.

    The authorities will then verify that there is no hazardous impact to the environment (Environmental Preventive Report). A result of such activities, likely an operating license together with other applications for the transportation, disposal and handling of materials or substances will have to be obtained. The authorities may grant their approval or request the Maquiladora file a more detailed environment impact report.

    We also provide to our clients legal advice on drafting, negotiating and executing environmental clauses in agreements.